Measuring range of motion with a goniometer.

Measuring range of motion with a goniometer.

We understand that you want to do everything you can for your pet when she is not moving around normally.  We are here to help!  Our goal is to offer a different kind of exam, one that is going to evaluate the whole body, not just the part that seems to hurt.  Just like us, when one part of the body is not working correctly, there are often compensatory responses in other parts of the body that will limit healing.   Your pet’s exam will involve evaluating it’s gait, transitions (sit-stand, down-stand), strength, orthopedic and neurologic evaluations, range of motion and finally, a thorough myofascial exam where we are looking for muscle tenderness, trigger points and restrictions.   We will then come up with a plan of action that takes into account our recommendations and each owner’s individual situation.  An important aspect of each plan is owner education and if possible, developing a Home Exercise Plan (HEP) that will incorporate exercises and stretches in addition to guidance on pain management and nutrition.

We also offer in-home euthanasia by appointment.



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